The most important thing in a business’s success is sustainability. For that reason, both short-run and long-run decisions, objectives and goals are catered in the most efficient and professional way. We provide our clients with all the necessary tools, guidance and support in order to succeed in a rather competitive market.

Project Management & Consulting

Our team works with you, side-by-side, so that your vision can be achieved in the most efficient and effective way, by preventing possible mistakes and offering protection from potential risks. Opening a hotel though it might seem simple,  is actually a rather complex project regardless of the size.

Business Plan

A business plan is the most important strategic tool in order for a business to succeed. Formulating a business plan should be the first thing to be done when starting a business.

We start by determining the feasibility of your business idea through examining various scenarios, market and competitive analyses, marketing, operations plans and assessing financial statements in order to examine the company’s performance.

Concept Creation

A concept is one of the most important assets of a property, as the creation of a meaningful and original concept will help the property differentiate from competition and stand out in a rather competitive market. A strong concept should go beyond design and layout; it should be reflected in all departments, services and activities in order to make the guests’ experience memorable and ultimately make the property a destination itself. In Bespoke360, we are here to help you create the appropriate concept for your property and the action plan required in order for the concept to be successful and enhance operations.

Pre-Opening Plan

The pre-opening period can be very frustrating, however with a thorough and detailed pre-opening action plan created by our team, this procedure can become rather easy. Bespoke360 will create a detailed action plan along with a check-list for all operations that need to be organized before the opening of the property. More specifically we are here to assist you with project management, feasibility recommendations based on our forecasts, the development of a concept and a strong brand identity, online presence, the selection and training of staff and various other pre-opening actions.

At this point all aspects and potential risks should be calculated and taken into consideration in order to achieve financial objectives, as well as return on investment. Therefore, management ought to adjust all procedures of the hotel pre-opening strategy to ensure the best results possible and fruitful operations.

Feasibility Studies

Bespoke360 provides owners with feasibility studies in order to attain maximum Return on Investment (ROI) and be able to create a fitting business plan. This happens through a detailed assessment while predicting future conditions that might affect the project. Lastly, depending on the outcomes of the feasibility study the project might need to be reevaluated and altered in order to provide more high-yielding results.

Operations Planning

Our team takes a hands-on approach to ensure that the property is run in the most efficient way. In order to ensure that all operations are run in a smooth and proper manner, we create targeted and customized processes for you and your property’s needs.

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