Bespoke360 is a Greek hospitality management company aiming to provide upscale management and consulting services, staffed with young and enthusiastic hospitality specialists. The company specializes in developing, consulting and managing hotels and luxury residences all over Greece.

Our company’s mission is the maximization of our clients’ profitability in the most sustainable way, so as to achieve long-term results for the properties.  In order for that to occur, we take a different strategic approach providing tailor-mate consulting and management proposals and solutions to owners and investors.

The company’s philosophy could be described as “family-oriented”. We want to work side-by-side with our clients and be there for them in each step of their growth; and operating in this industry as both operators and owners helps us to have a more holistic approach and better understand the needs of owners.

For that reason, we treat customers on an individual basis; according to their actual needs, by providing a plethora of services from feasibility studies and creating business plans to the daily operations of their property.


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The process used by Bespoke360 is quite simple. We want our customers to feel involved throughout the process; unless they decide otherwise.

To that end, we discuss with potential/existing customers. We learn from them everything we need to know about their property. After that, our team of experts makes a thorough research in an effort to identify not only the real needs of the property; but also, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, with the aim to develop the most appropriate action plan. When the actions required are identified, we discuss again with our customers, as we really want them to know what exactly it is we are doing and then we move on with applying our strategies.

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